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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

®tyt <&UnY[tr 

established 1901 

Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture 
Doylestown. Pennsylvania 18901 

Spring 1983 




Cammy Alcorn 
Tillie Docalovich 
Linda Hahn 
Cindy Jack 
Paul Luccia 
Dennis McLaughlin 
Louann Spiecker 
Mary Ellen Tyson 

THE GLEANER is a student 
publication. Those opinions ex- 
pressed within are not necess- 
arily those of THE GLEANER 
staff. Neither the college nor the 
staff will assume responsibility 
for plagarism unknowingly 
occurring within. 

Literary Work 


Jennifer Conway 

M. H. D. 

Bill De Mott 

Tillie Docalovich 

Eileen Geary 

Maribeth Giannone 

Janet Graham 

June Guzikowski 

Linda Hahn 

Amy Harrison 

P. K. 

Donna Lee Lombardi 


Paul Luccia 

Nancy Lukert 

Janice McNeil 

D. K. P. 

Wanda Perugini 

Leigh Phillips 

K. H. R. 

Susan Richart 

Dan Schwalm 

Allison Townshend 

Carl Vivaldi 

D. L. W. 

Dr. Richard C. Ziemer 


Doug Bereczki 
Jeppe Christiansen 
Sarah Cox 
Janet Graham 
Linda Hahn 
Paul Luccia 
Cindy Priluker 
Tony Prushinski 
Steven Stanford 
Barb Taft 


Barb Brennan 
Lauren Clawson 
Pat Duffy 
Brenda Givler 
P. K. 

Jacky Mento 
Wanda Perugini 
Richard Rollins 
Eric Solon 
Arlene Stein 


Doug Bereczki 

The editors and staff would like to express their gratitude to Mr. Douglas Geary. Mr. Robert McClelland 
and Mr. Edward O'Brien for all their help and support. 


*i I \ 












Reflections on time 

when things were a lot simpler 

Now everything is tied in knots, 

chains we have put on ourselves, 

self-imposed limitations. 

Life is simple. 

We as people 

living and feeling, 

we make it complicated. 

If we could just be happy with the simple things, 

Instead of always, 

looking for problems, 

searching for complications. 

It is human nature to be always looking for more. 

Never accepting things 

for what they seem on the surface. 

Often under the surface, 

people are much more complicated. 

We must search deeper 

to find the worthwhile, 

the special care of each person. 

So on we go 

looking for complications, 

because we feel we must. 

--Nancy Lukert 

My life is made of shapes and lines 
yet never follow one design. 

Never straight and never curved 
and never easy to observe. 

It's up and down, in and out 
but always me without a doubt. 

Circles — squares — other various shapes 
help to make up my landscape. 

Straight curved imaginary lines 
live together in my mind. 

Although I'm basically designed 
I'm never easy to define. 


Richard Rollins 


And when the sun goes down 

So does my false smile. 

As I lay down all alone 

My mind wanders for awhile. 

There's no protection from my thoughts 

Or the way I feel inside. 

How often I've fought 

Lost in fears . . . and cried. 

So I pray each night, "God, end my pain. 

For we all have to die. 

And then it comes again 


--Carl Vivaldi 

Sarah Cox 


If I was to leave 

Could I trust in our feelings 

To hold us together, to keep us strong 

If you think you have lost me 

If you think that it's over 

I've just got to say, that you're wrong 

It's not my way 
And it's not my revelation 
And it's not what I want 
It's just my destination 

The future is near 

Though this way it never comes 

And yesterday's dreams will help me hang on 

The roads ahead are uncertain 

They are far too long, and much too cold 

Can I trust in you to help me be strong 

To help me carry on... 

--bill demott 

Barb Brennan 

* -ye 


, ; "Jhf 


- jl 

Doug Bereczl 

Softly falling 

The snow touches my cheek, 

Lands gently on my hand. 

Glistens in the light. 

I see with awe 

The complex beauty 

Of each tiny crystal. 

But the heat of my hand 

Is overwhelming 

And the fragile wonder fades. 

Is that what happened; 
Was I too warm? 


New Shoes 

Been awhile, for new shoes 
Breakin' em in, never easy 
Blistered heels, achin' all over 
Clumsy walk, awkward lookin' 
Can't forget, they all laughed 
The shoes were new, so was 1 

Didn't take long though 

Callused blisters, achin' gone 

Clumsy came cool, awkward went lookin' 

The shoes broke in, so did I 

Time for new shoes 

--Dan Schwalm 

Dennis McLaughlin 


Richard Rollins 

Watching you sleep.. 
You look so peaceful, 
in our own world. 
What are your thoughts? 
Do you feel at peace? 
Are you confused? 
Trv to clear your mind, 
come to peace with yourself 
vou are so handsome. 
Those big brown eyes, 
thev seem to reflect 
all of your thoughts. 
Sometimes I can look into them 
and they reflect an image, 
like a mirror, 
vou can't see in. 

Sometimes when I close my eyes 
I think of you. 
Often when I close my eyes 
I think of you. 

I wonder if you can see into my eyes, 
like I can see into yours. 
More often I wonder if 
I want to let you. 

-Nancv Lukert 


Z'J * * 

*3 ■ 


4 ii 

■ Jfi M , 

So Alone 

Sometimes I sit 

And watch you hide behind 

A wall of jokes, 

of witty sayings, 

of funny stories. 
I watch you laugh 

when you want to cry. 
I watch you flit 

like a hummingbird 
From one subject to the next— 

never resting long in one place- 
Afraid to be caught. 

I watch you 
And I wonder how, 
When you are with 
So many people, 
You can be 
So alone. 

-Wanda M. Perugini 

Sarah Cox 

A Poem For Joey 

you're struggling 
and you have 

no way to turn. 
You've been rejected 
and in your aloneness 
you must strike out 
at anyone 

including yourself 
to take away the hurt. 
I feel so helpless- 
wanting you to know 
that you are loved, 
and with time 

you'll be able to begin again 

--Allison Townshend 

Tonv Prushinski 

Barb Brennan 

Magdeline Jean 

Her name they say was Magdeline Jean 
She flew like the wind, she lived in a dream 
She looked for the beauty in all that she found 
Until the day when they brought her down to 
Reality, said now you must learn to 
Survive, to be real, even if you get burned 

Shut the door, turn the key 

Dear Magdeline Jean 
Magdeline Jean, she grew up all alone 
Constantly fighting for what she had known 
Long ago, far away, how happy she was 
But all of that changed, she became one of us 
Her hopes splashed apart, like shattering glass 
Till they couldn't be found, they were part of her past 

Look away from the scene 

Dear Magdeline Jean 
Magdeline Jean she retired from life 
She was sick of hatred, sick of the strife 
She bought a small tree and lived deep inside 
For the rest of her life, she managed to hide 
And she prayed with the clouds, communed with the earth 
And forever was happy, she'd acquired rebirth. 

May you laugh and be free 

Dear Magdeline Jean 

-Jennifer Conway 

Soft, gentle breezes blow over the sea 
Carrying the sound of seagull cries 
And waves pounding on the shore 
As I walk I hear them and my mind 
Is fdled with joy 


-Carl Vivaldi 

Linda Hahn 

/ need the (lira uons before i begin- 

i want the conditions before 
i sign and say, yes 

will von help me? 
i need to know if it's important enough 
for tears; 

or can it be smiled away; 
like always 

can you tell me? 
i want what's deep inside to crest and 
break like waves, 

the pain dispersed in 
the sea; foam the only evidence of 
what was-- 

how's it done? 

do you know? 
i want happiness to be real and forever 
and the insecurities a dim illusion 
of the past 

can you guarantee it? 
where do i sign? 

-D. L. W. 

Brenda Givler 

I don't know what I'm thinking of, 

Last night when I slept I dreamt we made love; 

You are my friend not my lover, 

But in my dream there was no other; 

please explain what's happening to me, 

For this fact now I see; 

Forgive me please O God above, 

For what I feel is not love. 

Love is sharing, giving and caring, 

Love causes the heart to feel as if it's tearing; 

It's lust I feel and nothing more, 

But he loves another and so therefore; 

It is not right to feel this lust, 

But I shall feel it 'till my body is dust. 

When you are near I must look away, 

If you speak, no words will I say; 

Now I'm wary and you'll never know why, 

The events of my dream have made me so shy; 

Help me please help me I want to stay friends, 

But I can't, I just can't if my dream never ends. 


<* v. 

Tony Prushinski 

Lauren Clausen 

/ came into a half-filled room 
Where none were right 
and none were wrong 
I took a chair off to the left 

To get a better view. 
One by one they came inside 
To sit in silence 
by my side and others 
They knew not why 

They were there at all. 

Then He entered confidently 
Educator, apostle, missionary 
Are you the teacher of the Soul? 
Master teach me well. 

-Carl Vivaldi 

Silently winding 
Working, wearing 
I he tool water 
Fjowing, creeping/ 
F.arving sculptures fiw num. 

■J unci Gruhnm 







;;: 'W:;i:: : ' : , ; rt^'^js- ^ 

Steven Stanford 


My heart has been softened. 
My emotions possesed. 
I am independent 
Yet captured by your love. 

--Linda H. Hahn 

Everything lost 

nothing gained- 
Sunshine forecast 

ended up rain- 
Remember dreams 

they don't fade- 
They won't just happen 

they must be made- 
Pull yourself together 

stand up strong- 
The hell with them 

your dreams aren't wrong! 

--K. H. R. 

Steven Stanford 

In Search Of Self 

I am on a search 

For courage 

And strength-- 

The strength to face the truth 
About myself; 

To discover who I really am 

Instead of what I appear to be; 

To look through my own eyes-- 
If just for an instant- 
And see the world unclouded by other's views; 

To say what I believe 

Instead of what people want to hear; 
To speak my heart- 
To lay all it contains open before you- 
And not be afraid of that vulnerability; 

To laugh at life; 

To be angry at injustice; 

To cry real tears. 

-Wanda M. Perugini 

I once sat backward 
on a train 

going forward 
and wondered-- 
Am 1 looking at 

my past 
afraid to face 

the future. 


Linda Hahn 

w&A e ft * -«— N.!,*,!. ^ ^^ - 

siiiigisajW»«5 »» . i» i ^^ 

■ # ti^tf^>WW!iWliM . y y ffM , .» Bii l . 

Richard Rollins 

We met in late summer. 

While the sun still shot warm rays, 
and life in nature was peaking. 

Green plants spiked to the sky. 
Vivid colored fruit and the two of us ripened to 
We sat together in the Orchard 

Never imagining what lay ahead of us. 

Whether the tree we were under was apple or peach. 
Or if what we shared God had planted in our souls 
and bodies. 
We fell in love in autumn. 

With the cornstalks still standing, and the trees 
ablaze with color. 

The leaves throughout semed to be burning with eternity. 
Just as the love we felt for each other was as 
solid as that rock in the woods. 
We walked together in winter. 

Finally the snow came, falling in the night. 

Under falling stars, the moonlight shone. 
The world seemed to sparkle outside, as well as in our 
We made wishes - never to be forgotten. 

Real enough for us to share and be part of. 
Like the lake and the geese. 
The snow on your coat, and me on your shoulder. 




Tony Prushinski 


a binding contract 

you sign 
with laugh ter- 
and break 

with tears. 

--Allison Townshend 

Love is: 

Like an ever running river 
in a forest of evergreens. 

It's a never ending feeling 
In a never ending dream. 

~Amv Harrison 

I Love You- 

there I said it. 
from the bottled up 

emotions in my head 

and heart. 
I'm sorry 
I never was good 
at hiding 



Novel Love 

A love that was never known 

Is like a book never opened. 
A look at its cover 

Could never display what lies within. 
You never experience the joy 

Which is hidden between its words. 
You never know what might have been 

If just someday you broke that binding. 

--June Guzikowski 

Eric Solon 

Glycerine tears or real? 
to borrow time or steal— 

Immitation or McCoy 
a real love or just a toy? 

False pretense or genuine 
is it full or just part time? 

Is it missing? Is it lost? 

was it thrown or was it tossed- 

Was it altered, has it changed- 
just minced up or rearranged? 

Am I lost or am I found- 
in the air or on the ground? 


with me till morning- 

For when morning comes 


will twist our thoughts and 


will enter our chambers 

through the windows left open by 


--Jennifer Conway 

Eric Solon 

Someone Else 

What kind of game is it you play when the 
stakes are someone else's feelings? 

Do you care how much you spend when 
someone else pays the price? 

Why should you care who takes the fall 

when someone else takes the blame? 

What does it matter who gets hurt as long 
as they are someone else's tears? 

I was the someone who loved you and 
now there's SOMEONE ELSE! 

--Susan Richart 


You're just a dusty road traveller 

weary and abused 

It seems the more you travel 

the more you're bound to lose 

your hopes, your dreams, your self-esteem 

That's taken years to find 

And now it's wrapped around your head 

and messin'up your mind 

They look at you and shake their heads 

This son they thought they knew 

He hears in colors, sees in sounds 

and always seems to wander round 

not knowing what he needs to find 

not knowing what he wants to be 

not knowing if it's worth it just to worry endlessly 

But if they knew your secrets 

That were buried deep inside 

If they could see your visions 

filled with colors, filled with pride 

Then they would know your travelling 

was something you must do 

'Cause if you had to settle down 

then your dreams might not come true. 

■ ..■ ■ ■.:.■■■ ■. ■■- ' ■ ■■ 

Sarah Cox 

W.mct.1 ; 

■■: 1£?M.tis^. ,v^.:.|| :{j^'. ;,«* . ;. -. 

Singular Beauty 

I see you there 

Among the reeds, 

blending in so well. 

So much like the rest 

in a crowded marsh, 

yet feeling alone. 

Breezes blow 

and you dance unnoticed, 

yet another day and still silent. 

Why haven't I noticed before 

that special glow 

that singular beauty? 

-Paul Luccia 

Jeppe Christiansen 

My Best Friend 

As I pull the car in the driveway she's always the first one 
to greet me. In her dirty, old gray coat and sparkling green 
eyes, she looks so beautiful. We walk into the kitchen 
together, me holding the door for her, and take our usual 
seats. She watches me, able to detect my mood just by my 
footsteps. I ask her how she's been and tell her all the troubles 
of my life. She's always there to lend an ear and never 
interrupts a word. Then 1 look at her life--so simple, it makes 
me laugh all my troubles away. We both turn in the direction 
of my mother's voice as she shouts, "Oh Hi Lin, that you? Say, 
did the cat come in with you?" 

Yeah ma, it's me. We're here in the kitchen. 

--Linda H. Hahn 

Your kindness 

Has made me see. 
Your gentleness 

Has made me feel. 
Your eyes 

Let me believe. 

Let mv heart listen. 

-Donna Lee Lombardi 

I broke down and let 

you in 
shared with you 
my dreams. 

Told you secrets never revealed 
and all my fantasies 
It's dumb to listen to 
a foolish heart- 
All that it craves 

is pain. 
You led me on 

coaled and teased, 
vet I'm the one 

who bleeds. 

-Tillie Docalovich 

Arlene Stein 

—Story of Love 

Isn't it funny how love seems to go 
They say take it easy, take it slow 
But I wish they could know 
How sometimes it's my onlv foe 

Now you tell me I am not the only one 

Who's ever felt this way 

But lately it's always been me 

Can I take it another day? 

Love is a chain that holds us together 
But in my eyes there is a missing part 
Because you were the one I needed forever 
So you're gone, now it's goodby to my heart 

I am alone again, but it's nothing new 
Do you ever think of me? 
I know I'll find loves paths again 
Because it is a feeling I can't let be. 

-Bill Demott 


Brenda Givler 


Autumn Leaves 

Brightly colored leaves 


oranges, reds, 

yellow and 

Fall ever so softly on the 

wings of a whispering wind 

flouting, spinning 

twirling, tumbling 

to the ground. 
-D. Fosbrook 


As the summer slowly drifts into fall, 
Leaves of green fade into crimson and gold. 
The air becomes crisp and blustery- 
Leaves slowly falling then, 
Crunch and crackle beneath your feet. 
Little by little- Autumn subsides into 
the dead of winter. 

-Maribeth Giannone 

To a Special Friend 

When you smile time seems to stop. 

Given a passing glance, I wish I could keep it 

to have when you're not there. 
Through your placid eyes I see a beautiful person. 
If I could be your shadow I would 

be behind you when you thought no one else would 
If I could be in your thoughts as you are always in mine 

I would always have something to smile about, 

time after time. 
The time we share I cherish, even though it may be short. 
I wish we could talk, really talk 

not simple chatter to take up the time we share, 

but a talk that lets that beautiful person come out 

to meet the beautiful person on the outside. 
Your grin warms me, like the heat from the sun, 

or a hug from your best friend. 
I'm here for you 
to listen, 

to help 

to be there when you need me. 
I thank you for what you share, 

the time you take to talk, 

the warmth you show. | 

I thank you for being you. *' 


Doug Bereczki 

nnene ;>ietn 


Dust your path with magic 

and follow the golden sun 
Break your way to freedom 

'cause now you're on the 
run. . . 
Once you stood for freedom 

and roamed the open plains 
But then they broke their promise 

now nothing of yours 
remains. . . 
Your followers are good now 

they killed them just for play 
But you'll still run wild 

so run, just get away. . . 
Your end will soon be coming 

they've driven you round and round 
But you'll still keep on running 

until they track you 
down. . . 

-Carl Vivaldi 

Lauren Clawson 

'JFiitlix^ ^ung^ 

Yxplnix)t^ ifyix^ from &»«£ af b!& 

-S&ntngnriz wfyn i& alum\$ wttlj ug 
wlj* wilt wip* a urn*} v* ur **»*" 

ynvrfyiippii^gft will ljrtfw 

36ut tfyge jeurtlil^ tfyin^i jarnjtct nrj iruay* 

311%* £*iy$ of nl& «w gtill tT^r puttie 


The Aged Child 

I sit here wishful of younger days 
when time seemed to stand still 
But what a fool not to know 
that time goes on until 

Forever; but I'll be gone then 
with nothing to show for 
I spend my days as a child 
and the adult will never know 

Me; for I'm as young as a babe 
as I set my spirit free 
Each breath vigorous and alive 
and no one will see me 

Older; time passing me by 
living and then swept away to die 
And I would live forever if I was able 
in my imaginary fable 

As a child; but time continues 
as cruel as it can be 
A day older with each new dawn 
and I rely on the memory 

Of me; an Aged Child 
with death knocking at my door 
As I pass through the heavens 
I begin to live once more. 

--Eileen Geary 

Lauren Clawson 

Vj pJ 

Pat Duffv 

Jacky Mento 


Brenda Givler 

Moons of Marches from our eyes 
Borneo land behind us lies; 
Stranger round us day by day 
Bends the desert circle gray; 
Wild the waves of sand are flowing, 
Hot the winds above them blowing- 
Lord of all things- Where are we 
going? Where are we going? 

We are weak, but thou art strong; 
Short our lives, but thine is long; 
We are blind, but thou hast eyes; 
We are fools, but thou art wise 
Thou, our marrow's pathway knowing 
Through the strange world round us growing, 
Hear us, tell us where are we going, 
Where are we going? 

-Leigh Phillips 

Barb Taft 

Barb Tafl 

A Standout. . . 

A standout in my life—the closest 

thing I have to feel 
I vaguelv see your reflections in the 

pond, where I sometimes kneel. 
A standout in the way you used to 

hold my hand- 
And as we walked together countless 

times-barefoot in the sand. . . 
A standout in my heart-I will never 

forget our once endless love 
All I can do now is gaze in the 

stars above; 
Because sometimes love has a way 

with voung minds 
It's tricky and deceiving-sometimes 

sneaks up from behind. 
A standout you have been- 
Though, as nature takes its course 

our love has spread so thin. . . 
A standout to the end-I will never 

forget the past- 
Our roads may split in two-but 

may our love forever last. . . 

-Janice McNeil 

Steven Stanford 

■, . . 


When the storm is over 
And the trees are still 

A tiny bird sits perched 
Upon a snow covered limb 

It is so very quiet now 
And a silence surrounds me 

With a peace 

That I've never felt before. 

-D. Fosbrook 



I've waited for this day for years! 

Envious juniors and proud parents, 

Handshakes, smiles, and diplomas all around. 

I'm actually finished! 

Free to conquer the world. 


I've stalled this day for years. 

How can I say goodbye to these most precious friends? 

The emptiness of our parting can never be filled by the memories. 

I wish them the best in life. 

For I know, 

That's what they have given me. 

--Paul Luccia 


Jacky Mento 

to beckc 
to bdclm. 
■Dr. Richard C. Ziemer